Translation is a conscious
decision-making process


My translation services have spanned multiple sectors: technical architectonic, from the field of construction and civil engineering (Pol–Aqua, Aldesa, Coplan, Fibat, Kontrapunkt, Grupa68, Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex, Mota Engil and others). I have translated technical and design documentation for such commercial centres as: Maximus and Maximus 2, as well as Electro WorldBaltic Spa Hotel, architectonic guidelines of the chain of Accor Hotels, documentation for the construction of the Wroclaw EIT+ Research Centre (EIT+ Department of Nanotechnology), fiber optic factories, fire safety standards, EHS and protocols and post-control recommendation reports (FagorMastercook, Chevron and Houghton), shorings (Alsina) and trenchless and no-dig technologies documents(Wroclaw University of Technology and Kan–Rem).

I have also performed translations of sales & marketing materials, medical reports, accounting systems implementation documents, and multiple IT user manuals and guidebooks (Oracle and Comarch are clients of note).

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I have also translated numerous business arrangement documents, inclusive of contracts, offer sheets, statutes of association, product specifications, catalogues, pricing lists, service & maintenance manuals for equipment & machinery, as well as policy & procedures manuals. For industrial clients I have also translated material safety data sheets (“MSDS” documents), engineering specifications, warehousing and production literature, job descriptions and performance requirements, maintenance manuals, environmental, health, & safety (“EHS”) documents, facility blueprints, as well as other vital documents.

A key priority for me is the efficient, timely, quality completion of my assigned projects. Of note, delivering on-time results is important for me, as it is a core deliverable for my customer base. Of note, all client materials I receive access to on my projects (both digital and hardcopy format) are secured against unauthorized access. All digital materials are stored on password-protected computers. Hardcopy materials are locked down during storage. If requested by clients, completed projects are archived electronically with password protection at my office, so that in the event of a client-based data loss, project results can be quickly restored.

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