Translation is a conscious
decision-making process


My experience includes interpretation projects at numerous conferences, lectures, seminars, negotiation sessions, training sessions, technical workshops, economic missions, project implementation meetings, IT implementation meetings, case study projects, political meetings, and board meetings of corporate entities.

My work sessions have been conducted in a variety of venues, inclusive of factories, universities, embassies and other political office locations, and at trade show sites across Poland and the European Union. I have also had the opportunity to participate in a three week interpretation project in China.

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I have particularly enjoyed working in industrial production environments. I have participated in interpretation projects involving the relocation of production lines, and also the installation of new machinery & equipment and related process redesigns, as part of wide-ranging project teams. I have been recognized as stepping out beyond the typical interpreter’s scope of performance in these settings. These experiences have helped me build a knowledge base to assist project teams in achieving on-time attainment of strategic project goals in challenging, high-pressure environments.

Of note, I have worked in the following industrial sectors: tobacco processing (Altadis, Imperial Tobbaco, Phillip Morris), industrial, commercial & household equipment fabrication (Fagor, Brandt, SMC,), snack food (Bahlsen), sugar refining (Azucarera Ebro, BSO Glinojeck, Srebrna Łyżeczka), agricultural machinery (Unia Group), and beverage production (Carlsberg). I have also interpreted twice at the FIMA International Fair of Agricultural Machines. I have also toured a Volvo-car factory, which helped me get gain exposure to the automotive industry.

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